How to Achieve Optimal Health During Parenthood: A Personal Growth Guide for Modern Parents

How to Achieve Optimal Health During Parenthood: A Personal Growth Guide for Modern Parents

Through achieving optimal health during parenthood, you will be able to tap into a type of inner strength you never had before so you can live longer to enjoy your fulfilling family life.

Have you let go and put aside your healthy habits after becoming a parent?

Or maybe you didn’t have them before and now it’s even harder to push yourself to get to optimal health?

I get it, I’ve been there because let’s be honest when you have a little one for the first time the only thing you can think of is survival.

The reality is that in the initial years of our child’s life we focus on them and it isn’t until our energy levels decrease that we understand the importance of our health.

Health is the core that holds everything together. Without it, your world crumbles and you can’t function properly.

We understand that it’s extremely important for our children to grow strong and healthy, but we sometimes forget to apply the same rule for ourselves.

Health is essential for a balanced life and you know this if you’ve ever experienced a cold in winter. It can shut everything down and compromise how we show up for our children.

The truth is that health involves many things and it starts with wanting to have more stamina so you can feel better and act better in complex situations.

It’s really all about wanting to improve and understanding that in order to do this you have to push yourself.

Becoming a parent and lacking optimal health

When I became a parent I knew that I wanted to get healthier and lose the extra weight from pregnancy.

I thought the change was a temporary thing, sort of like a short-term diet plan.

It wasn’t until I faced the challenges of parenthood that I realized that it’s a long-term game.

I’ve learned that in reality health is much more than simply eating healthy and working out.

It’s about how much energy you have and how it makes you feel.

You see, I wasn’t aware of the impact that reaching optimal health would have on me and on the way I showed up for my family.

I wanted to give myself a break as having a child is complex enough.

Doing healthy transformations wasn’t new to me but none of the ones I had done before involved so much extra needed dedication.

Parents and baby sleeping

I was tired most of the time and the only thing I wanted to do was taking care of my newborn daughter.

No one mentioned to me how hard it was going to be to get back energy from lack of sleep.

Also, no one said it would take a while to figure out a system that would work for a new life with a baby.

Before having a child I saw how many parents give up and embrace the “letting go” approach and in a way, I get why they do it.

But I knew that for me this wasn’t an option and my husband also agreed it was important to not give up.

We realized that health is as important for us as it is for our child. And we had to figure out what health meant to us in this new life adventure.

Parenthood and health struggles

Personally, as a mom, I realized I needed to take action and re-invent the way I saw health after having a long recovery from giving birth.

I thought I would recover my body’s strength in no time but the reality was I had no energy and struggled to even walk.

Not only I was overweight, but I also felt overwhelmed because of sleep deprivation and my stress was so high that I remember crying for the most simple things.

I felt lonely, out of energy, super emotional, my mind was completely blurry, and I couldn’t focus.

The only thing I could do was taking short walks and eating healthy as much as possible.

The challenge to get to a better health was to get motivated and find a true reason why it was important.

But one day my daughter got really sick and I had to hold her in my arms for 24 hours!

It was an extremely hard experience and drained me completely. I realized I had to do something to push my body to a different level both physically and mentally.

This time around my health journey wasn’t only for me, but it was to become a great example for my daughter throughout her life.

Finding light during the health struggles

Luckily, I wasn’t alone, my husband also realized how important prioritizing our health was.

For the first couple of months, while one took care of the baby, the other one worked out or did yoga.

This helped with mobility, lose some weight, and regain some mental stability.

Keeping a healthy diet was challenging. It meant we needed to cook food at home even though ordering in seemed so much more convenient. But we kept focused and cooked healthy meals each day.

I knew it was important to listen to my body to commit to a full transformation.

The more I moved and ate well, the more clarity came back to my mind.

Bowl of salad and fresh vegetables

Activity started to bring back a small part of my sanity. I was in a better mood and creating new healthy habits also improved the relationships with my family.

I realized that no one really sits down and talks about health after having a child and that most of the conversations involved the health of the child.

True the health of your child is very important but it’s crucial to have an optimal health to even be able to deal with some aspects of parenthood.

Not only that but when you feel good and look good it also improves your relationship with yourself and others around you!

So my husband and I asked ourselves since we had limited time and energy after becoming parents, what three components could we focus on to lead us to better health?

This question helped us discover the three essential parts to achieving optimal health as a parent.

The 3 components of optimal health

Many people take health for granted until something happens that shifts everything and then one must start over from scratch.

The idea is to create a system for your new life as a parent that will be sustainable and effective throughout this new stage of your life.

There is no wrong way to get to on optimal health, the only way to do it and be effective is to do things your way.

I realized this by listening to my body and understanding how some days I couldn’t perform as well as other days and that it was ok to accept that.

So I got crystal clear on what components were essential to focus on so I wouldn’t get sidetracked and lose a motivation to get healthier.

Think of your health as a container that’s made out of three main components. In order to achieve optimal health, you have to understand why they are all useful to improve your overall health.

Also, see these components as part of your life and not temporary concepts.

A good reminder to focus on the components as part of your life is to look at your child and how they integrate these concepts with ease.

1. Nutrition

This one is the foundation layer which will determine energy levels, moods, and optimal weight.

It’s a very touchy subject as many of us have food-related obsessions and sometimes use food as comfort or therapy.

Because let’s be honest when you haven’t slept and your child is crying at 5 am you need some chocolate.

The truth is it’s ok to use food as therapy but shifting the type of food we use can improve our mood and eventually guide us to a healthier life.

Nutrition is not only the foods that we eat but the digestion of these foods and how they help our body stay in great condition.

It’s very important to understand the proper combination of foods that suit every individual to get good food into the body as well as coming out of it.

Basil with a bowl of tomatoes

Different categories of foods (e.g. animal proteins, vegetables, dairy, fruits, nuts, etc) will digest at different rates and utilize different primary enzymes.

So it’s important to mix foods that digest at the same rate so optimize nutrition in your body.

Also, bodies react differently to certain food so it’s important to know how your body reacts so you can better create a plan that will keep your energy flowing throughout the day.

Think about the first time you give solid food to a child, you don’t give your baby everything right away. You start one food element at a time, right?

If you apply this same system for you then you will get positive results for obtaining the best combinations for your unique body.

Testing out and journaling about what reactions food creates in your body not only is useful but it’s also a creative process that allows you to get rid of some food addictions you might have.

2. Fitness

Yeah, we all know this is a must to obtain energy and look good, right? But we tend to be lazy about it especially when things get crazy with the kids.

You need to remind yourself that humans weren’t meant to stay still, that you were created in movement and since birth you are here to move.

Unfortunately, the power of movement is ignored by most and fitness is seen as an extra thing you “should” do. When in reality it all comes down to how we flow and move even when we are asleep.

Woman running in the woods

Fitness isn’t only about going to the gym or going for a run, but more like original body movements that you create to understand yourself better.

Remember how awesome it was to dance and play when you were a child?

Well, if you tap into this memory and recreate how you felt, it will allow you to see fitness differently and move in a way that’s more exciting.

By creating specific movements that cause joy both mentally and physically it will allow you to never miss a day of movement.

Also, understanding that these movements will enhance your body and provide much needed extra energy as a parent makes working out a non-negotiable.

3. Energy

So now that you’ve tapped into the first two health components you will obtain the third essential component that will determine how you function.

In comparison to the first two components, energy can’t really be measured per say. Because it’s possible to record the amount of food and the type of food you eat and you can also measure what movements you do with your body.

Heck, you can even record how much weight you have lost or gained but not the amount of energy obtained.

And the hardest thing is not only that our energy can’t be measured easily but that you can’t actually determine what ratio of energy you are using for each task during the day.

Mother and son looking at each other

But what if you could consciously decide how to apply the energy you’ve gained throughout the day?

This would definitely make those hard moments when your baby is hungry, sleepy or needs a diaper change much easier to deal with, right?

You can tap into a type of inner strength you never had before and determine how to use your energy so you can enjoy your family life deeper.

You have the power to decide and say no to tasks and people that are draining and causing you to reduce your energy level.

Use the tree essential health components to combine them in a way that suits you and help you become the parent you want to be for your child.

Plus what better way to inspire your child than to eat according to your needs, move how you want to move and use your energy in a way that makes you feel wonderful!

Upleveling health after becoming a parent

It’s time to shift and become the person you’ve always dreamed to be so you can be there when your child gets sick or wants to go to the park and play.

So you can look into the mirror and say damn I look good and feel great!

Now that you view health as an important asset as a parent you know it can no longer be a thing you “should” do but more importantly, a thing you “want” to do.

Use your health to shine brighter and show up stronger.

Because the truth is that in order to deal with parenthood challenges you need to have optimal health. And the key to achieving optimal health is to actually integrate it in your daily life without excuses.

So what’s the conclusion?

Your health is a foundational element that enables you to live your life free of any injury or illness. It’s the core that holds and carries all your other elements together.

So when you take care of your health and overall well-being you will gain the strength you need to handle anything life could throw at you with great power and stability.

You could let the day-to-day responsibilities overwhelm you and let you forget about the importance of being healthy.

You know that you can control how you feel, look and how you function.

Remember energy flows where your attention goes.

Instead of letting your health determine how you feel, you can take control and achieve the ideal version of who you are.

As a parent, you may sacrifice your own health while focusing on the health of your children.

The problem is with poor health you don’t have enough energy or stamina to keep going.

After learning the three components of optimal health, you are able to tap into a type of inner strength you never had before so you can live longer to enjoy your fulfilling family life.

So what’s one thing you plan on doing to achieve your optimal health during parenthood? Let me know by commenting below.