Through making a remarkable impact during parenthood, you can discover and pursue your life purpose and turn it into a mighty mission so you can lead by example for your children.

Did you wake up this morning with a clear sense of purpose for your life?

Is your current job or business allowing you to create the type of world you want your children to grow up in?

When was the last time you had a deep thought about your impact as a parent?

Let’s face it, you are a parent with a sense of responsibility to care for your family. I get it. I’m a parent too. It’s a natural thing. You do it as a way to provide for your loved ones.

But one thing is what and why you do something and another thing is how you do it.

The way you show up in the world and the way you create value for the society makes a huge difference in the impact you’ll make as a parent.

So if what you do for a living is not fully aligned with your values and your passions, you end up sacrificing on exploring who you truly are as a person.

Now, making short-term sacrifices to care for your family is totally fine. We all may have to do that from time to time.

It’s when it comes to the long-term sacrifices that you may want to think twice about its impact.

The truth is, except in some difficult circumstances, it’s not good for your mental health to work at a job or on a business that you hate all because you have a family to care for.

Plus when you do that, unconsciously you end up teaching it as a lesson to your children. That’s why it may work in the short-term but once it becomes a lifestyle choice then it has much bigger consequences.

Making a living vs. making an impact

It sure feels good when you go to work to make money so you can bring some bread to the table. It’s such a primal thing.

But you know what feels even better?

Coming home for dinner, looking into your children’s eyes, and feeling proud that you’re making a remarkable impact in the world.

Now that bread would taste even better. You know why? Because when you choose to make an impact instead of only making a living something fundamental shifts.

You see, on average during a lifetime, you’ll be spending more than 70% of your waking hours at work. That’s the main reason why you can’t afford to spend those precious hours doing something you don’t truly love.

If that 70% is full of boredom, annoyance, and frustration, that gets transferred to the other 30% whether you want it or not.

Remarkable impact during parenthood with man working at the office looking down on papers

It’s true that you may be doing this for your family but you know deep down that what your family really wants is your happiness.

Imagine talking about your work with such excitement that makes your children keep asking more questions.

They ask because they want to learn more about their number one hero in life. And they want to see a hero that comes home in the evening feeling accomplished, not annoyed.

I say these now because I used to be the one who came home feeling annoyed. I admit it. I didn’t know any better.

Luckily, when I became a parent I was working for myself but I was still making a living as a consultant without thinking too deeply about my impact.

Back then I thought as long as I was making OK money I was doing what was expected of me as a parent. Until one day when I changed my mind.

Making an impact beyond raising children

Before becoming a parent I had made the switch from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur.

All because I wanted to have the flexibility and the freedom to spend more time with my wife and daughter during pregnancy and early stages.

Sounds like a good fantasy, right? Yeah, I know! Except that it actually is just a fantasy. It’s a nice thought but of course, like most things, it’s only like that for less than 1% of the people.

I happened to be in the 99% camp where that freedom came at the cost of stressing for the lack of stable income which forced me to work on projects I didn’t truly love.

Remarkable impact during parenthood with father and daughter playing

Plus I had quit my job before to not have a boss anymore and here I was dealing with uninspiring people who came with the name of clients but instead became my new bosses.

Don’t get me wrong. I was doing something I enjoyed doing, I was to some extend pursuing one of my passions. But I wasn’t doing it for any particular purpose beyond needing to make money.

So one day when I showed up for a client meeting to discuss a new project I felt super turned off by the people on the other side. They had a useless idea to implement and even worse their intention behind it was only to increase the company’s profit.

I suddenly saw them as a mirror. I realized I was doing the same thing. They wanted someone else’s money and I wanted their money.

Both of us had no other sense of purpose but somehow I was turned off seeing it in them, but not in my own’s choices.

The 3 components of a remarkable impact

After that experience, I started to question how proud was I feeling as a parent? Was I making the world a better place for my daughter?

So I finally found the courage to say no to them even though there was a large sum of money involved. It was very challenging to do that but the mental struggle I was going through would have been worse to continue.

That’s when I decided to think much deeper about my impact and not only about my income.

I promised to myself that moving forward I will have a filter for knowing what projects or ideas to work on.

If it was going to make the world a better place for my daughter to grow up in, then I do it. And if I thought it didn’t, I wouldn’t do it.

Through this process, I explored the three main components of making a remarkable impact. It may take you a while to dial them in and you need them all three for it to work.

But the good news is, when you do it you’ll build an engine that allows you to jump out of the bed every morning to get to work and make a dent in the universe.

1. Purpose

This one is all about your personal reason. The big why behind doing something. You see, it’s great to follow your passion and work with things you like.

But if you don’t have a solid and exciting reason for doing what you do, you can’t find lasting fulfillment.

To do that, you need to connect your passion with a purpose. A big audacious purpose for bringing your gift to the world.

As a parent you may say well, raising my children is my purpose. And no one can argue that it is not except that you’re capable of doing more.

What if every other child was like your child? What if you were the parent to every other child who needs your love and attention?

Remarkable impact during parenthood with a bridge opening to a light

When you begin to widen your circle of care and empathy, the whole world can feel like your family. So one great way to get clear about your purpose is by finding a cause you care about.

Is there a wrong you want to right? Is there a global challenge you don’t want to see in the world anymore?

So if you are a website designer and care about environmental issues maybe it’s best for you to work for or with nonprofit organizations fighting climate change.

The magic formula comes down to linking what you love doing, aka your passion with why you want to do it, aka your purpose.

Once you do that, you’ll live your life with a sense of mission in a way that you just can’t’ give up because it’s no longer about you and it’s actually beyond you.  

You end up making a remarkable impact in the world you live in but also on the future of the world you leave behind for your children.

2. Contribution

This one is about the “how”. Once you have your big “why”, you must figure out a way to pursue it in the world.

The way you contribute to the world will always be different than anyone else. It’s uniquely like you because it’s made by you.

And that’s your unfair advantage. You can make a contribution in a way that you can only do. So how do you want to contribute to society?

Well, one way is to work for a company that’s aligned with your values. For example, there are thousands of B Corporations you can work for that also have a sense of purpose that goes beyond profit.

Remarkable impact during parenthood with bunch of hands on a tree log

But you can also launch your own company and contribute to the world at a different level. Maybe you can bring in an innovative solution that has not been created before.

No matter what path you choose the important thing is that you live a life of contribution. Because it’s not only good for the world but it’s also a real human need that you must fulfill for your own well-being.

3. Abundance

This one is about the return you get on your impact. The universe rewards those who make a remarkable impact with a world of abundance in return.

When you have a powerful purpose with a life of contribution, you begin to see opportunities everywhere you look.

The right people and the right situations seem to cross your path. You expand your horizons so much that you start to lose sight of all previous limitations.

When you live your life with such a mighty mission the world can’t stay quiet to ignore it. That kind of goodwill doesn’t stay unnoticed.

By living a life of service to others through pursuing your passions you join a small group of people. The type of people who do what most people are not willing to do so they can live how most people won’t be able to.

Remarkable impact during parenthood with a man at a field with open arms

Abundance can come in form of money but it can also come in form of relationships, experiences, connections, etc.

It’s an outlook on life. It’s about not making decisions based on fear. It’s about removing your scarcity mindset and replacing it with an abundance mindset.

Once you develop such a mindset you can also inspire others to realize that there’s enough of everything for everyone.

So what’s the conclusion?

You may believe being a parent is the only way to make a positive impact in the world.

Raising children is for sure one great way to make an impact in the world but it’s not really the only way to do so.

Your impact is a significant element that enables you to make a dent in the universe in a way that is unique to you and your purpose in life.

By making a remarkable impact not only you leave a worthy legacy behind but you will also be able to contribute to the world what is unique to you while in return, creating a world of abundance for yourself and your family.

As a parent, you might think that raising your children is the only way to create an impact in the world.

The truth is if in the process you forget about your own individual impact on the world, you may never be able to reach your full potential.

After learning the three component of a remarkable impact you will be able to discover your life purpose and turn it into a mighty mission so you can lead by example for your children.

So what’s one thing you plan on doing to make a remarkable impact during parenthood? Let me know by commenting below.

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