Through harnessing a powerful mind during parenthood, instead of letting your mind run your life, you will be able to leverage your intellect to design and achieve the ideal version of your life.

Do you feel as a parent your mind sometimes sits in the driver’s seat leaving you with minimal control?

Are you having the type of thoughts that are hard to manage plus they make you feel guilty?

I know how you feel, well… it’s because I’ve been there and I know it sucks. It’s a cold hard truth we all face.

We’re born with this powerful asset that dictates how we experience life but unfortunately, we don’t grow up learning how to actually use it.

Did you ever see a “mind manual” kicking around your house when you were a kid? I don’t think so.

Maybe instead of memorizing all those useless facts during school years, it would have been better to learn how to use your mind, right?

But the past is the past and there’s not much you can do about it. Today you’re a grown-up adult with the responsibilities of raising happy and successful children.

That’s why it’s time to take back your control and harness a powerful mind as a parent so you can lead by example in front of your children.

When you begin to view parenting as a forcing function for your personal growth and transformation, you will be able to accelerate your results in a way you couldn’t do before.

It’s not going to be an easy journey because it involves a lot of internal work. The type of work that’s hard to see it but it’s easy to feel it. It’s the type of journey that’s worth embarking on.

Because let’s face it, the key to becoming a good parent is in becoming a good person. And the key to becoming a good person is in constantly growing as a person.

Being a parent and the power of the mind

If you haven’t been diving into this topic as much, what better time than now to learn more about what makes a powerful mind.

As a parent, what you learn in life, you eventually end up teaching it to your child whether through words or action.

So if you are ready to learn how to harness a powerful mind as a parent then you’re in the right place.

But to set the right foundation, first I’m going to share a story with you that I’m sure you’ll relate to as a parent.

New-born baby in hospital

You see, when I first became a parent I didn’t realize how much power my mind had over how I was experiencing my new life as a parent.

And this wasn’t because I didn’t know how powerful our minds are. I had already started my personal growth journey before becoming a parent.

I had learned about the topic quite a lot actually but never through the lens of being a parent.

Also, the combination of all the new responsibilities plus the lack of sleep was making everything more difficult to deal with.

The negative self-talk, the constant tiredness, and the mood swings all started to feel part of my everyday life.

Who knew to become a parent was going to be this challenging? I mean, I had heard about all the challenges of the changing diapers, the burping, and throw ups.

But I had never heard about the impact of all these on the mental health of the parent. One thing is how you deal with something and another thing is how that affects your life.

I wish it would have ended there. But things only started to snowball downhill until I began to have certain thoughts that I would only expect crazy people to have.

Parenting and mental health issues

And being a man, of course, I ended up internalizing everything and even when I met with friends or family, I didn’t talk about it.

I was ashamed that they’d judge me. I was scared to find out that I may be the only new parent who feels this way. Every other parent looked happy on those Instagram photos. Heck, even I was guilty of only showing the happy moments online.

Through doing that I gave my conscious power away and my mind was running the show on autopilot with little supervision.

And I had all the excuses to tell myself why I was feeling the way I was feeling. So I was blaming everything and everyone.

Why there was no chapter in that pregnancy book the doctor gave us? Why my dad never pulled me to the side to give me an intro to the topic?

I’d get stuck in a why question loop and usually end by asking why do they even let you walk out of the hospital with a 3-day old baby in the first place?

But as I’m sure you’ve learned in life too, the blame game has no winner. At times it might feel good to point the finger at others but it never delivers any useful outcome for you.

Man's fist on a red wall

That kind of fixed mindset trait in addition to the lack of information I was missing caused me an overwhelming sense of frustration.

It grew so much that I couldn’t truly enjoy the good moments with my newborn daughter anymore because from time to time I was feeling like a hopeless victim.

Everything was so foggy that I had almost forgotten the situations before becoming a parent where I was able to use my mind to get what I wanted in life.

The 3 components of a powerful mind

Luckily, being a person who hardly gives up when faced by a challenge, I was able to catch myself as I saw how bad things had gone.

Also, finally after opening up the conversation with other parents, I realized I wasn’t alone at all. I found out postpartum depression is a real thing that can happen to both mothers and fathers.

During one of my lowest moments, I had a revelation.

I realized why becoming a parent is a forcing function for personal growth and transformation.

If I wouldn’t rise up to elevate my life, not only I will fail as a person but I will also fail as a parent.

By seeing the challenges as opportunities for growth, I began to change my outlook on my new role.

I started to feel like an unfair advantage compared to people without kids. I finally had a major reason for stepping up my game and reaching my full potential.

But being a parent with the responsibility of a newborn, I didn’t have much time or headspace for a PhD level research.

So my wife and I asked ourselves if we had to only learn the three most important components of what makes a powerful mind, what would they be?

That question set us on the path to discovering the three essential parts to harnessing a powerful mind as a parent.

And because you learn better when you teach something, here’s my attempt to explain what I’ve learned so far.

I know you’re a busy parent with lots of responsibilities. So let’s keep things simple, quick, and useful.

So think of your mind as a container that’s made out of three main components. In order for you to truly harness its power, you must first know what it is made of.

1. Mindset

This one is the foundation layer which is tied to your belief system. To learn more about mindset, let’s first explore the two major different kinds of mindset.

Do you believe your abilities are carved in stone? Do you blame others for everything like I used to do? Well, those are the traits of what’s called the fixed mindset.

The type of people who stop learning once they are out of school. The type of people who don’t read much, don’t take courses, don’t attend events or meetup groups for a topic they care about.

Woman with glasses looking away

But if you believe you can cultivate additional capabilities by learning new things and don’t play the blame game then you’ve got what’s called the growth mindset.

The type of people who never stop learning new things. The type of people who geek out over the topics that interest them until they achieve mastery.

So how do you move from having a fixed mindset to adopting a growth mindset?

As mentioned before, it starts with your belief system. You may not be born with growth mindset traits but you can learn more about other people.

When you do that, you’ll realize how most of the successful people you admire, chances are, they achieved their success through sheer effort rather than talent or luck.

2. Intellect

Speaking of effort, well… you can’t really improve your abilities without tapping into your intellect.

You first need to remind yourself about your innate intelligence, the power you were born with that sets you apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

That power to learn new things, obtain the information, and then bringing it into action is how you can continue to succeed in life even when faced by challenges.

Woman's hand on a book

By acquiring new information, you can also create new connections. Your mind loves to do that. You can mix and match between what you already know and what’s newly available.

It’s this ability that makes you jump onto Google at midnight to search for “home remedies to help with a toddler’s fever” or “how to soothe a baby who’s teething.

To improve your intellect, you must pay close attention to the kind of information you’re open. Let’s remember, the quality of the input determines the quality of the output.

3. Manifestation

Now, what’s the point of having a growth mindset and all that intellectual power without using it to improve your life?

That’s when manifestation comes to play. Once you have the right mindset and the right intellect, you can now manifest your ideal life vision with ease.

Woman with open arms facing the sun

It’s the next stage after being a hopeless victim. It’s how you can go from feeling “life is happening to you” to feeling “life is happening by you”.

Thanks to your mind, as a human, you have the power to take an abstract idea from and then turn it into action that leads to the creation of a new reality.

It’s clear why there’s an old saying for “you can do anything if you put your mind into it”.

Manifestation is simply putting your mind to work so you can get what you desire. You can manifest the results you seek in any area of your life by turning your thoughts into action.

Of course, not all results are good results. You have to know what exactly you want. Manifestation is a power you already have but for it to serve you, it requires clarity.

First, you need to get crystal clear about what you want before you can manifest it.

If you don’t take the time to get clarity then you risk feeling disappointed when the universe brings you something unwanted.

If you live unconsciously without such strong filters, it’s so easy to bounce back again to feeling “life is happening to you”.

So what’s the conclusion?

Your mind is a powerful element that enables you to be aware of your personal world and individual human experience.

Your mind is where your thoughts are made but also where they remain.

So when you harness the power to influence them you will be able to think clearly, make better decisions, and act rationally so you can manifest anything that you can imagine with ease.

As a parent, you could be so busy with the day-to-day responsibilities that can easily lead you to more stress and a feeling of overwhelm.

After learning the three components of a powerful mind, you now realize that you have the ability to determine what you think and what you become.

Instead of letting your mind run your life, you will be able to leverage your intellect to design and achieve the ideal version of your life.

So what’s one thing you plan on doing to harness your powerful mind during parenthood? Let me know by commenting below.

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