Your Emotions

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ELEMENT #4: Your Emotions

Your emotions are like the leaves of a tree. This important element enables you to experience different feelings throughout your day. Although temporary, your emotions have way more power than you may realize. By having the ability to deal with your emotions you will be able to handle your low moments better while enjoying your high moments with more appreciation.

As a parent, you may become even more emotional and sensitive because you may feel more triggered by emotions of others like your partner or children. If you don’t have emotional self-awareness you’ll be operating in your life by being reactive instead of proactive. By learning the three components of emotional intelligence you’ll be able to recognize and regulate your emotions so you can always feel in control.

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence During Parenthood: A Personal Growth Guide for Modern Parents

Through developing emotional intelligence during parenthood, you can recognize and regulate your emotions while always feel in control. Do you feel your emotions are scattered after becoming a parent? Or perhaps your emotions have taken over and dictate how you react...

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